Aruba Beach

PBV Lease holders, please feel free to join our group and share your thoughts

  1. jlee6337
    Joy & Jack Lee are looking forward to our time in Paradise, renewing friendships and enjoying all Aruba has to offer.
  2. Gramdee
    Hi, glad to see this group. We have owned at PBV for six years and love it. But we don't see many posts from others there. We are owners of weeks 3 & 4. Would love to hear from other PBV owners!
  3. AndyM
    Hi guys,

    We've owned at PBV since 2001. We have weeks #4 & #5 in phase 2.

    Only two more months, Jack. See you there.
  4. AndyM
    Has anyone participated in the special promotion conference call with Interval International?
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