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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    AHATA and Divi Resorts Raise Awareness with the Plastic Bag Ban Campaign

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    AHATA and Divi Resorts Raise Awareness with the Plastic Bag Ban Campaign
    Divi Aruba Plastic Bag Ban

    The Government of Aruba decided in 2016 to introduce new regulations to prohibit the use of plastic bags with handles which are intended to be used only once and then thrown away.

    This new law, which came into effect on January 1st 2017, was designed to minimize the huge negative impact of unwanted plastic bags on our environment.

    The Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, and its Environmental Committee, totally supported the awareness campaign organized by Plastic Bag Ban Aruba which was designed to inform the public about the details of this ban.

    In order to help support this law, members of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association decided to print reusable bags which could be purchased at cost from members who in turn make the bags available to their guests and employees.

    In our pictures Divi Resorts in full support of the new law, distributed the attractive large reusable bags, with a leaf design, representing the environment, to employees at Divi and Tamarijn All Inclusive Resorts, as the preservation of the island’s nature is of utmost importance to the success of the local hospitality industry.

    Divi Aruba Plastic Bag Ban