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    Alhambra Casino & Shops welcome The Hollywood Smokehouse

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    Alhambra Casino & Shops welcome The Hollywood Smokehouse

    The island’s original smokehouse now has a full time location within the Alhambra Casino & Shops complex just off of Eagle Beach.

    Originally located in a historic building in San Nicolas owned and operated by the Bislick family since 1941, the closing of the refinery left owners Michael and Tina Bislick opting to keep their in-demand southern cuisine available to their loyal followers on the weekends under a tent in various spots of the island.  The 5-star Trip Advisor restaurant went on to win the most recent Battle of the Food Trucks, prompting the couple to open a full-fledge restaurant again.

    The soft opening during FIFA World Cup 2014 game Spain Vs Netherlands brought many of the Dutch team fans into the restaurant for a much enjoyed afternoon of delicious food and drink.  The restaurant will be opening full time on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014.

    The Hollywood Smokehouse menu includes hickory and apple wood smoked pulled pork, beef brisket, grouper, and burgers, as well as their award winning tacos, which can be washed down with unique, exciting hand-crafted cocktails—many made with freshly juiced fruits and moonshine from the bar menu!