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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Amsterdam Manor awarded Top 10 hotel in the World by Thomas Cook Sweden

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    Amsterdam Manor awarded Top 10 hotel in the World by Thomas Cook Sweden
    Amsterdam Manor awarded top hotel Thomas Cook Sweden

    The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, a Dutch colonial style architectural beauty located just a few steps from the most iconic spots of Eagle Beach, Aruba, has been awarded by representatives of Thomas Cook Sweden as one of the Top 10 Hotels in the World. The award was received by the Front Office Manager Charity Kock and the Sales & Marketing Manager Bettina Daal.

    Thomas Cook Sweden offers a popular program coming to our island twice a week with non-stop service from Stockholm to Aruba. This program is available during the high season, which goes from October through March and is operated by Thomas Cook Airlines. After each travel, clients of Thomas Cook – Ving complete a survey which focuses on guest satisfaction with the hotel and hotels with high scores receive an award. This rating applies to winter of 2015/2016.

    Scoring an outstanding 4.8 out of 5 points, The Amsterdam Manor earned the position of best hotels in the world from among 1000+ hotels worldwide. Among other ciphers that this survey delivered was 94%, which reflects the percentage of times The Amsterdam Manor was recommended by its guest for its location, corresponding expectations, hotel staff, satisfaction & mood, the pool area, and for being very child friendly.

    This much-loved hotel offers one of the best dining experiences by the beach right next to the two most famous and photographed Fofoti trees of the island. Passions on the Beach is a romantic beach restaurant flanked by soft white sand and clear turquoise water. The 72-room Boutique hotel creates a picturesque setting like no other in Aruba and is well known for their personalized and immaculate service, making their guests feel right at home. The hotel also holds a Master Achievement Award for Earth Check representing 15 years of continuous certification with Earth Check, and a Gold Status on Trip advisor for being a Green Leader.

    When you stay with us at one of our fully equipped Studios or Suites, you are part of the Amsterdam Manor family. Let us be part of your vacation and let it be a memorable experience.