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    Amsterdam Manor Resort Hosts Fundraising Dinner with Special Guest Churandy Martina

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    Amsterdam Manor Resort Hosts Fundraising Dinner with Special Guest Churandy Martina
    churandy martina at amsterdam manor

    Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort hosted a fundraising dinner at Passions Restaurant. Located right on Eagle Beach, the restaurant invited Olympian athlete, Churandy Martina, as the special invitee of the night for this event.

    While vacationing on Aruba, Churandy lodged at the place he calls "his home away from home", The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. There he was able to combine the wonderful relaxation Aruba has to offer, along with an opportunity to support a philanthropic cause organized by Mr. Jurgen van Schaijk (Managing Director of the property). The Fundraising Dinner was a success due to the contribution of 35 renowned local athletes.

    Churandy was born on our sister island, Curacao, and who represented the Netherlands at the Olympic Sprint Finals in Beijing and in London. He was one of the only 2 Caribbean men to have participated in the finals; the other being Usain Bolt from Jamaica. His personal saying 'Ik ben blij' (I am happy) became very famous during his performance at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, and was taken into account by the Dutch people, which landed him a nomination on the 1- most positive people of the Netherlands. On November 1st, 2016, Churandy was named the "Meest Positieve Bekende Nederlander" (The Most Positive Dutch Person). That day, according to Churandy, was one of his favorite days of the year. Positivity is a very important factor in his life and he is happy to be able to share that with everyone. The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort wants to congratulate Churandy on his numerous achievements and for spreading positivity around the world.