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    16ª Edición Soul Beach Music Festival en Aruba
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    Art exhibition Entrañas (entrails)

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    Art exhibition Entrañas (entrails)
    Artwork Belinda de Veer

    Entrails will be an exploration into the inner being of these artists, colored by the transformative power of time and experience.  

    Sinfonia Foundation has the honorof presenting the first art exhibition at Belinda de Veer Art Studio (Cas di Sinfonia), located in the Ponton neighborhood of Oranjestad, that will present new artworks by two creative female forces of Aruba, Irene Peterson and Belinda de Veer.

    This will be the first time that Belinda de Veer Art Studio will be opened to the public ,under the new name “Cas di Sinfonia” , adding a much needed platform for the arts and offering the Aruban public the possibility to experience art exhibitions, workshops, and concerts.

    The participating artists, Irene Peterson and Belinda de Veer, have both been a fixture on the contemporary art scene for over two decades and have exhibited on numerous occasions locally, as well as internationally.

    With Entrañas new explorations have been presented of recurring themes that are intrinsic to the art of both artist, such as the feminine identity, motherhood, family heritage, impermanence, emotional landscape and connections. But it is their particular explorations on these themes in Entrañas that is remarkable. For example in the new works of Irene Peterson we are struck by the physical presence of a beating heart reminding us of the power of emotions. In her other canvases we can perceive this emotional landscape in a more abstract manner. In these works, a layering effect suggests the many shades and marks of personal history.

     Irene seems to connect with the work of her fellow artist in her treatment of time, where effects such as fading as well as dripping allude to the impermanence of life and existence. 

    The opening of Entrañas  will be on May 8th, from 7pm – 10.30 pm.  

    The exhibition will remain open at Cabuyastraat 2, Ponton, from May 9th  to June 13th 2015, from Monday through Saturday 3pm – 8.30 pm, Thursdays 3pm – 5pm. Sundays closed

    For more information please contact:

    facebook page:  Belinda de Veer art studio