Aruba’s Happy Information Officers

Make the Happy Information Officers your first stop for information when roaming around Aruba. The Happy Information Officers are a one-stop shop of information, staffed by friendly, professional and trained officers with extensive local knowledge. They can provide you with reliable information on attractions, activities and events, help you with any questions you may have or give you up-to-the-minute advice for your vacation in Aruba.

To ensure your access to them, the Happy information officers are mobile and can be found in numerous areas acoss the island, including the city center, the Cruise terminal and Palm beach area. You can recognize them by their sea green t-shirts featuring the happy information slogan. In addition, we also offer an Aruba tourism kiosk located at Plaza Daniel Leo straight across the renaissance entrance, at the entrance of the main street. Here you will also find a Happy Information officer ready to help.

Wherever you go, look up or visit the Happy Information Officers to help you get the most out of your stay in Aruba.

Please meet two of Aruba’s HIO:

T'Jay Farro

Hey there, my name is T'Jay Farro. 
I'm one of the Happy Information Officers strolling in the main streets of Aruba ready to give you information about Aruba.
Currently majoring in Finance and Accounting at the University of Aruba.
If you are ready to explore the island and get to know the roots and authentic parts of the island, don't hesitate to pass by the Aruba booth so I can direct you to your perfect island adventure on the beautiful island of Aruba!

Q Maduro

Hi! My name is Quirinuis Maduro.
Raised in Aruba and currently student at the University of Aruba.
As most Arubans I speak 4 languages fluently: English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento.
I am very well acquainted with our one happy island and well equipped to answer any question that you might have about our island.
Keep an eye out as you might be greeted by me when you arrive by cruise or  find me walking around the Oranjestad area. Please do visit our information booth located at the Plaza Daniel Leo