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    CARLA P. GIGLIONE GUILLÉN Artista de Aruba
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    Aruba Aloe celebrates its 125th anniversary with cultural activities

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    Aruba Aloe celebrates its 125th anniversary with cultural activities
    cunucu house aruba

    Aruba Aloe is celebrating its impressive 125th anniversary throughout 2015 with various cultural events. One of them is taking place this weekend.  On Sunday, September 27, from 10 am to 3 pm, Aruba Aloe will team up with Santa Rosa, Museo Historico, and the Monuments Fund to preserve and honor Aruban culture and history at the Fiesta di Cunucu.  

    The event will take place in Brasil, centered around an old cunucu house at Amsterdamstraat 21.  Throughout the day, there will be a reenactment of the life of the people who lived in the house as well as storytelling in one of the rooms.  Aruba Aloe will give a special presentation throughout the day as well.  The day will be filled with traditional music and dance, including performances by Gang di Arte and the Popcorn Dancers, Youth Chaz Dancers, Tipico Alegre Kadushi Largo, Tommy y su Harpa, and Sodo di Cuero.  The event will also feature crafts for kids and Santa Rosa's famous market, offering plenty of goodies. 

    Aruba Aloe cordially invites the entire community to join in the Fiesta di Cunucu and play a role in the preservation and celebration of Aruba's traditions.  Admission is free.