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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Aruba Aloe Celebrates the Holidays by Sharing with Those in Need

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    Aruba Aloe Celebrates the Holidays by Sharing with Those in Need

    This holiday season, Aruba Aloe is getting into the true spirit of the season with its campaign “The Holidays Are for Sharing.”  Through this special campaign, the company will give away 3,500 of its nourishing, Aloe-infused products to two local organizations, Red Cross Aruba and the Women's Club of Aruba, which will distribute the products to those in need.

    The primary motivation of Red Cross Aruba is to alleviate human suffering among the most vulnerable members of the community. One way in which the organization does this is by assembling crisis packages, which it delivers to its emergency houses as well as to the homes of families in need.  The Aruba Aloe products will be lovingly added to these crisis care packages. 

    The Women's Club of Aruba will include their products in special care packages they are preparing to give to Fundacion pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad, which works tirelessly to better the lives of women on Aruba suffering from domestic violence. By sharing its products with these struggling women, Aruba Aloe will play a role in supporting their well-being during the holiday season.

    Not only will the products meet the basic personal hygiene needs of people in need in the community, but they will also serve as a special treat. The travel-sized products include shampoos, conditioners, bath gels, and body lotions from Aruba Aloe's signature Island Remedy Collection, made with carefully selected herbal extracts, and of course, 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Aruba. “The initiative is not just about providing the necessities; it's also about sharing our ultra-nourishing, healing Aloe products with those who need to be nurtured the most.  It's about bringing them more comfort, more hope, and more love during the holiday season with a bit of extra indulgence,” explained Jessica Posner, marketing manager for Aruba Aloe.

    During the month of December, Mainstreet in downtown Oranjestad will also host a campaign that celebrates giving, called “Taki' tin: Fin di ana,” featuring different events that encourage giving to those in need.  Aruba Aloe will carry out its campaign under the umbrella of Mainstreet's campaign, and will hand over its haul of products to Red Cross Aruba and the Women's Club of Aruba at its Mainstreet store in the second week of December.

    Aruba Aloe wishes the entire community a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season, and hopes to help spread the message that “The Holidays are for Sharing” with its campaign.