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    Aruba Aloe Heads to NYC To Promote Upcoming Aloe Wellness Month Aruba

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    Aruba Aloe Heads to NYC To Promote Upcoming Aloe Wellness Month Aruba
    Aruba Wellness Month NYC PR

    This June, Aruba will launch its inaugural Aloe Wellness Month on the island.  In an effort to promote this exciting initiative, ATA and Z team, along with wellness ambassadors, including Aruba Aloe, provided top health/lifestyle/travel journalists and digital influencers an experiential taste of Aruba's wellness scene through a half-day media event in NYC on Thursday, April 21.

    A white space within the New York Gallery Building was transformed into an upscale tropical paradise with soothing sounds and lighting, and authentic Aruban imagery to create the setting for an “Aruban Wellness Retreat.”  Journalists were invited to engage in this retreat by participating in a variety of activities, including a yoga session conducted by Kat Fowler, a refreshment break featuring healthy smoothies provided by the Manchebo Resort, an Aruba Aloe workshop, a pop-up art station by Korteweg, and storytelling along the way.

    Aruba Aloe contributed to this Aruban Wellness Retreat by providing a taste of the special experience it will be offering during Aloe Wellness Month in June.  The experience is a 30-45 minute workshop called “Aloe Yourself to be Happy,” in which participants will be guided in creating their own scrub using Aruba Aloe products in combination with grocery-store ingredients.  Participants will also learn about the wellness history of Aloe and Aruba Aloe through a presentation and interactive tour, and will leave the workshop with special departing gifts.

    Members of the media were incentivized to attend the promotional event in NYC and post about the event on social channels with the opportunity to win a wellness retreat to Aruba.  Furthermore, all attendees departed with a special wellness goody bag, consisting of gifts such as Aruba Aloe products, an Aruba-branded yoga mat, and yoga block.

    This dynamic media event provided great digital exposure and media relationships for Aruba and the participating wellness ambassadors.  Aruba Aloe is proud to have been one of these wellness ambassadors and looks forward to drumming up excitement for the upcoming Aloe Wellness Month.