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    Aruba Aloe Puts International Award-Winning Soap on the Market

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    Aruba Aloe Puts International Award-Winning Soap on the Market
    bon jabon

    Aruba Aloe is proud to announce that it has officially begun selling its international award-winning soap, called Dream, at their Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory Store, at their Store, located on Main Street in downtown Oranjestad and at its Aruba Aloe store located in the Renaissance Mall.

    Aruba Aloe specifically developed the soap for the international “Soapers' Showcase” competition at the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild's Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida, last May.  Infused with a unique scent, the soap clinched first place in the “Melt & Pour Best Scent” category.

    According to Aruba Aloe's managing director, Dr. Koos Veel, “The first-place win not only gave our brand great exposure, but it was also a remarkable achievement on the international stage for Aruba.  Successes like this are proof that Aruba is indeed home to some of the best Aloe Vera products in the world.”

    From last July till September, Aruba Aloe ran a special promotion wherein customers received the Best Scent Winner with any purchase. The soap proved highly popular, prompting Aruba Aloe to introduce the soap to its permanent soap collection.

    “We're super excited to add this award-winning soap to our store shelves. It's a product with a story behind it, and we're proud to share this story with our clientele,” shared Jessica Posner, marketing manager for Aruba Aloe.

    Dream will share shelf space with other great products, which are made according to the same high standards embraced by Aruba Aloe and contain ultra-moisturizing 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Aruba.  Aruba Aloe is proud to offer several handmade soap lines that are vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free. Bath soaks, sugar scrubs, and salt scrubs promise an indulgent spa experience at home along with radiant, renewed skin.

    Aruba Aloe’s soap products are made by hand in the Soap Factory on Main Street in downtown Oranjestad.  The Main Street Store shares a glass wall with the factory, giving clients a sneak peek of the soap-making process.  The store is also outfitted with sleek porcelain sinks where customers can sample the various soaps and scrubs.

    Aruba Aloe invites the community to visit its stores to stock up on some of the best bathing products on the market, including the award-winning Dream bar.