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    Aruba Aloe Receives Visit from Minister of Economic Affairs & Communication

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    Aruba Aloe Receives Visit from Minister of Economic Affairs & Communication
    Aruba Aloe Minister of Economic Affairs

    Last week, March 2, Aruba Aloe proudly opened its doors to the Minister of Economic Affairs & Communication, Richard Arends.  The occasion marked Aruba Aloe's first working visit from the Minister, who had expressed interest in learning more about Aruba Aloe, one of the oldest aloe companies in the world.

    The Minister's visit began with a private tour of Aruba Aloe's in-house museum and state-of-the-art factory in Hato.  As the Minister was shown the entire production process, Aruba Aloe's managing director, Remko van der Veldt, explained that the company employs a staff of 82 members, whose concerted efforts yield over 1 million product units each year.

    A presentation followed, wherein the Minister was informed about what Aruba Aloe has accomplished for the island.  One of the most important points made is the fact that since its inception in 1890, Aruba Aloe has always been 100% Aruban.  For 125 years, the company has remained locally owned, and every part of the production process has always taken place on the island, from the growing of the Aloe to the bottling of the final product.  The brand has come to represent Aruba on the world stage, helping to promote the island as a tourist destination. The Minister was also updated about the large investments that Aruba Aloe has made locally, including the establishment of 17 retail locations and the expansion of the company's production and storage facilities and its head office building over the last 2 years.

    The presentation also laid out clearly Aruba Aloe's ambition: Prove that an Aruban company with a real Aruban product can be a global operating company via expanding its international footprint beyond the current and very successful operations in The United States of America and The Netherlands and 30+ countries Aruba Aloe distributes its products to already.

    Aruba Aloe Minister of Economic Affairs

    Minister Arends: “I am Impressed and proud after visiting Aruba Aloe Balm. An example where the primary sector in combination with innovation contributes to Aruba's economy for more than 125 years.”

    Van der Veldt also had a few words to share regarding the visit: “We are honored that Aruba Aloe had its first working visit from Minister Arends.  We were especially proud to share how Aruba Aloe has played a role in strengthening the Aruban economy, as well as how we will continue to do so in the future.”

    Van der Veldt added, “And speaking of pride, we'd like to invite the entire community to join Aruba Aloe in celebrating national pride at our Flag & Anthem Day Celebration, March 18, at our factory facility in Hato from 9 am to 3 pm.  There will be plenty of fun activities, refreshments, and a huge promotion.  It's going to be a very special outing for the entire family.”