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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Aruba Aloe Sponsors Police & Red Cross This Carnaval Season

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    Aruba Aloe Sponsors Police & Red Cross This Carnaval Season
    Aruba Aloe Red Cross Carnival

    This Carnaval season, Aruba Aloe is making sure that Aruba’s police force and the volunteers of the Red Cross are well taken care of during this busy time for them.

    Like last year, Aruba Aloe is proudly sponsoring the police, this time handing out its Broad Spectrum SPF 50 tubes to all officers.  Members of the Red Cross each received a tube of Aruba Aloe’s Foot Creme, formulated with 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel.

    Aruba Aloe Red Cross Carnival

    The gesture is a fitting one.  Members of the Aruban police force put in many longs hours in the direct sun during Carnaval festivities, helping to provide a safe environment for the community.  Aruba Aloe's sponsorship will help protect officers' skin against the damaging rays of the sun during daytime parades.  Likewise, the Foot Crème will help provide Red Cross volunteers with relief after spending many hours on their feet during Carnaval events. 

    The donation also serves to set an example for the community, reminding people how important it is to wear sunscreen.  Through public awareness, Aruba Aloe hopes to convey the importance of wearing sunscreen to help keep ultraviolet rays—UVA and UVB—from damaging the skin. Both UVB and UVA are responsible for sunburns, cancer and other long-term damaging effects, like wrinkling and premature aging. The company also aims to educate the community about how often sunscreen should be applied (every 2 hours), how it should be used even on cloudy days, and how everyone should use it regardless of skin type.

    Aruba Aloe Red Cross Carnival

    Aruba Aloe offers a line of sunscreens formulated with a unique blend of 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel and nourishing Vitamin E, ensuring that the skin is not just protected from the sun, but also stays smooth and moisturized.  The company also offers a wide range of after-sun products to help soothe and heal skin that has undergone prolonged exposure to the sun.

    Aruba Aloe invites local community members to visit its stores before the big day parades to stock up on sunscreen.  All locals will receive a 20% discount.

    Aruba Aloe Red Cross Carnival

    Aruba Aloe, founded in 1890, is one of the few Aloe companies in the world that grows, harvests, and processes its own Aloe on-site. This Aloe, considered to be the finest Aloe in the world, is the base of an ever-growing collection of premium skin, hair, and sun care products.  Aruba Aloe currently has 16 retail stores, and its products are available for purchase on (US & Canada) and (Europe).