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    Aruba Aloe's Wellness Experience Extended Until End of Year

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    Aruba Aloe's Wellness Experience Extended Until End of Year
    Aruba Aloe Experience

    Throughout June, the island hosted its inaugural Aloe Wellness Month in order to highlight the wide range of wellness activities offered by Aruba to both island guests and residents.  Aruba Aloe participated by offering a unique wellness experience at its Aruba Aloe store at the RIU Palace Antillas Hotel in Palm Beach.  Due to high demand and the overwhelming success of the special experience, Aruba Aloe is pleased to announce that it will be extended until the end of the year.

    The 30-minute experience, aptly named “Aloe Yourself to be Happy,” starts with an inspiring installation art tour that depicts the importance of the Aloe Vera plant throughout history, especially on Aruba, and also highlights the wellness benefits of Aruba Aloe's unique collections. Participants are then ushered to the private gazebo at the center of the store for a guided DIY body scrub workshop, using a recipe created by Aruba Aloe to boost all aspects of wellness. Participants are invited to smell, taste, and feel the ingredients as they learn about their wellness benefits for a fun sensory experience.  Participants can of course take home their self-made scrub as a souvenir of the experience, in addition to special gifts from Aruba Aloe. 

    Aruba Aloe's marketing manager, Jessica Posner, shared, “The Aloe Yourself to be Happy Experience received an incredible positive response from both the local and tourist community. We're absolutely thrilled to extend the experience for several more months, giving everyone the chance to take advantage of this special wellness opportunity.”

    Aruba Aloe

    While this wellness experience was designed specifically for Aloe Wellness Month, Aruba Aloe has been promoting wellness of both mind and body for decades with its wide range of health and beauty products made with 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Aruba.  Today, these products are touted as some of the best aloe-based products in the world.

    Aruba Aloe warmly invites everyone to try the Aloe Yourself to be Happy Experience. It will be offered Tuesday - Sunday, 9 AM - 4 PM. Individuals can register at any of Aruba Aloe's stores, on Aruba Aloe's website, or by calling 583-1650/emailing The cost of the experience is $25. At all Aruba Aloe stores, customers will receive a free Aloe Yourself to be Happy Experience with any purchase of $85 or more.

    Aruba Aloe