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    CARLA P. GIGLIONE GUILLÉN Artista de Aruba
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    Aruba hosts international technology conference for startups and entrepreneurs: the ATECH Conference.

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    Aruba hosts international technology conference for startups and entrepreneurs: the ATECH Conference.
    organizadores de la conferencia ATECH
    ATECH Conference organizers: Rudy Croes, Tristan Every, Varelie Croes & Kiume Tjon-A-Tsien

    During August 28th and 29th, Aruba will host an international technology conference, “ATECH” at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino.

    The conference offers tech startups and entrepreneurs the chance to interact with key global players in the technology and startup scene as well as the chance to win $20.000 for best startup idea.

    Aruba has already been profiling itself as a destination that offers more than sun, sea, sand and shopping. Investing heavily in sustainable energy, Aruba is creating a more sustainable business environment as well.  Becoming a technological hub in the Caribbean and creating a favorable investment climate is yet another strategic and logical step for Aruba to diversify its economic pillars.

    International speakers from the US, Canada, Colombia, Chile and the Netherlands as well as local speakers will be sharing their expertise with the startup crowd. Besides the topics  centralized  around startups, the latest technology trends, accelerator programs and financial technology (fintech) there is also focus on Social Media strategies, digital marketing and branding. Start Up leaders J Kelly Hoey, Oscar Kneppers and Jewel Burks are just a few examples to show the caliber of the speakers. Moderator for this event will be Angus Nelson.

    J.Kelly Hoey, New York based strategist and columnist at is one of the speakers and a moderator for part of the event: “ I’m looking forward to connecting with local and global entrepreneurs and investors so that we can learn and discover what everyone is building and creating and how we can do more of it in the Caribbean and particularly in Aruba” says an enthused Hoey.

    Founder of Rockstart in Amsterdam the Netherlands, Oscar Kneppers: “I’m very proud and excited to be speaking at the ATECH conference in Aruba, the first and probably soon leading tech conference in the Caribbean.”

    For more information regarding the ATECH Conference please visit: For more information on the One happy island, visit Engage with Aruba via social media at or @Aruba on Twitter.