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    Aruba Marriott Congratulates E-Aruba Seminar with a Successful Event

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    Aruba Marriott Congratulates E-Aruba Seminar with a Successful Event

    Aruba Marriott congratulates the organizers of E-Aruba Seminar with a successful event on Saturday, April 5th held at the Renaissance Convention Center. The public was engaged and enthusiastic from start to finish by three remarkable speakers who ensured everyone left with valuable tips and information.

    Mark Benson Denz initiated the first E-Aruba Seminar by enlightening the public about his business journeys and his inspiration in organizing such an educative event. The speakers Richard Pollack and Ramon Ray followed with fascinating guidelines on how businesses can succeed with the proper use of digital marketing and social media. Andres Barreto closed the event with an inspiring speech on how he made his businesses successful and how entrepreneurs can succeed as well. All in all, it was a captivating event attended by a number of young professionals and business owners of all industries, looking to find the right tips to grow their careers and businesses.

    Aruba Marriott is pleased to have partnered up with E-Aruba Seminar and looks forward to the second edition of the E-Aruba Seminar.