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    Aruba Marriott Introduces “One Island, Five Vloggers”

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Aruba Marriott Introduces “One Island, Five Vloggers”

    Ready, set, shoot! Those were the exact words that all five vloggers were told, when they arrived in Aruba. From April 14-18, five video bloggers “vloggers” were invited by the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino and Diamond PR to capture the essence of the destination of Aruba and the resort. 

    First time visitors to Aruba, the five vloggers received the assignment to film and edit the content in two days and present it at the Vloggers Film Festival on day three. With a similar background to travelling worldwide and telling their stories through video, the individuals used their own personalities to create unique videos showcasing the beauty of the island, friendliness of the locals, the resort experience and falling in love with the one happy island.

    On Wednesday April 17, the very first Vloggers Film Festival took place in Marriott’s Ballroom, where the 5-minute videos were presented to the public. A judge’s panel of three was invited to choose the best video. The team of three, Tom Calame – GM of the Aruba Marriott, Sjeidy Feliciano – Senior PR specialist ATA and Rona Coster - Publisher Marketing Plus judged the videos based on the criteria: creativity, uniqueness, showcase the resort and create curiosity for others. In addition the public was asked to choose the best video for the Viewer’s Choice Award. Congratulations went to Joshua Johnson - Matador Network who was named the Judges Panel Award winner and Ryan van Duzer -, the Viewer’s Choice favorite. Other vloggers Mickela Mallozzi –, Nathan Fluellen – WorldwideNate and Morgan Paar – were not left empty handed and got their own I LOVE ARUBA T-shirt.

    Aruba Marriott’s PR & eCommerce Manager Keirsin Tjon showed great enthusiasm to this new innovative way of media. “These videos are a testament to the island of Aruba, not only showcasing Aruba’s beautiful beaches, but personal stories of five individuals experiencing Aruba and the resort. Together with our agency Diamond PR and PR rep Lisa Schwartz, we were able to invite these talented vloggers and share their videos with the social media world.”

    The Aruba Marriott would like to thank their partners De Palm Tours, Hertz, Red Sail Sports, Active Aruba, Cas di Cultura, Bon Bini Festival and all other sponsors for their cooperation.  The videos will be distributed to Aruba Marriott’s youtube channel and Facebook page soon. Stay tuned for phase two of #1island5vloggers!