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    Aruba top 10 tropical places to go hiking!

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    Aruba top 10 tropical places to go hiking!
    Aruba hiking

    Readers Digest just included Aruba in their listing of  "top 10 tropical places to go hiking".

    "Best known for its glorious beaches, Aruba’s arid, desert-like interior is a real surprise to those expecting a tropical jungle. With scrubby, cacti-studded and full of iguanas, meandering goats, wild donkeys and tortuously twisted divi-divi trees, hiking there can be surreal yet enchanting. And Aruba’s indigenous wildlife are masters of camouflage, so best to stop by the Visitor’s Center at Arikok National Park to discover what to seek out, or to join their park rangers in a guided hike. You can also climb the 500-some stairs of the “Haystack” (Mt. Hooiberg), Aruba’s second highest peak for a spectacular panoramic view"

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