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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Bartenders get acquainted with the “Better Bar Experience”

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    Bartenders get acquainted with the “Better Bar Experience”
    Hilton Aruba

    The bartenders at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino experienced a refresh course just recently, when they were introduced to the Better Bar Experience, as defined by the Flavors of Hilton.

    The Flavors of Hilton is a corporate education program, in the field of restaurant, catering, special event planning, management and wine selection.

    The program was introduced in Aruba for the first time by Billy Hazelton, Corporate Food & Beverage trainer, Americas, at the Mira Solo Bar under the watchful eye of the resort’s Director of Food & Beverage Frances Anchilla with active contributions from Beverage Manager Albert Tromp and Director of Restaurants Sheldon Leuden.

    “It takes as special personality, along with a good knowledge of cocktails and spirits,” says Tromp, “to be a successful bartender. It is one of those professions in which success depends more on your personal charm and your ability to engage with guests, and a little less on your skills, but you must nevertheless be able to make delicious cocktails, serve them properly, and keep an organized workstation. ”

    At the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino customer service is key, and bartenders are required to excel at their job, pouring different shots without a jigger, and expertly creating craft cocktails from fresh juices and homemade syrups, with fruits, herbs and unique garnishes.

    The Better Bar Experience training at both Mira Solo and the Sunset Grille bars, also included a Wine Journey, and the proper handling of glassware, bar tools and ice, besides standards on atmosphere, music and lighting. “The overall beverage program,” adds Tromp, “was designed to give guests a better bar experience.” 

    The students, the resort’s bartenders were reminded that a good attitude is the key to effective communication with  guests. They were encouraged to make suggestions, remember guests’ names and preferences,  and above all anticipate guests’ need. “Memorizing the ingredients in a great number of cocktails, just goes with the territory,” add Tromp, “and paired with a passionate and professional conduct, enhances the guests’ bar experience at the resort.”


    While on the Island Hazelton had the pleasure to share with his colleagues the good news that in the Mix, a national publication focusing on the on-premise national account segment of the hospitality market, had just announced that the 2016 Winner for Best Overall Beverage Program was
    HILTON WORLDWIDE, winning the VIBE Vista award, for innovation and achievement in beverage programs.

    Media can access additional information about Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino at

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