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    Cliffs- at-Arikok-National-Park-Aruba
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    Blogger Seattle Dredge exploring Aruba!

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Blogger Seattle Dredge exploring Aruba!
    Crystal-Clear- Waters- Aruba
    Exploring Arikok National Park by ATV
    Indigenous flora and fauna, aquatic wonders and unwinding at the Boardwalk Hotel.

    26 year old travel blogger Seattle Dredge flew down this month to explore Aruba's National Park Arikok on ATV, learn how to scuba dive and to relax island style at the Boardwalk Hotel. 

    With her background in geography and GIS studies obtained at York University, Seattle has been traveling to unique destinations since she was 17 years old. Her signature blogging style, combined with edgy pictures, certainly appeal to a large audience of hip travellers around the globe.

    “I tend to travel to places that are geologically unique, so I can gush over rock formations and volcanic landscapes. I choose places that are going to provide adventure and adrenaline, and if they might not be known for that–I seek it out” comments Seattle Dredge on her blog.

    Experience Aruba through the eyes, or should we say lens, of this talented blogger, photographer and globetrotter one photo at a time.

    To read all about her ATV adventures in Arikoks National park, click here.

    To see how she did learning scuba diving in the Caribbean sea at Mangel Halto, click here.

    To unwind while reading her story on a long weekend at the Boardwalk Hotel, click here.

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