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    Bon Jabon Special Promotion for Mother's Day

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    Bon Jabon Special Promotion for Mother's Day
    Bon Jabon

    Aruba Aloe's new soap brand, Bon Jabon, looks forward to celebrating its very first Mother's Day with a special promotion at its store on Main Street in downtown Oranjestad.  With your purchase of $20 or more, you will receive a free gift—a soap flower—which can be given to your favorite mom or kept for yourself.

    Bon Jabon is also offering a special $25 soap bouquet created specially for Mother's Day.  Featuring a splendid array of soaps made with Aloe Vera, the bouquet will make a one-of-a-kind gift for mom. 

    With a name like Bon Jabon, it's no surprise that the store offers a wide selection of liquid soaps and handmade bar soaps, including the already-popular Fruity Soap collection.  A few other signature standouts include the Silky Green bar and Volcanic Delight, made with black volcanic sand for gentle exfoliation.  Several unique sugar scrubs and a bath salt collection are also offered to help smoothen dry, rough skin.  All of Bon Jabon's products are specially formulated with 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Aruba to moisturize and nourish the skin while inspiring the senses with unique scents, making them perfect gifts for all your favorite moms.

    Visiting the new Bon Jabon store is an interactive experience.  The store, located on the same premises as the Bon Jabon Factory, was constructed with one glass wall to enable shoppers to witness the making of the various soap products by factory workers.  Additionally, shoppers are invited to sample Bon Jabon soaps and scrubs at the two in-store sinks installed specifically for this purpose or indulge their hands in a relaxing salt bath to feel the softening properties of the salts firsthand.

    The new Bon Jabon store is located on Main Street next to Aruba Aloe's Main Street store and across from Bon Bini Bazaar.  The Bon Jabon team invites the community to visit its store in the next few weeks to pick out something special for mom—perhaps a unique soap bouquet—and take advantage of its special Mother's Day promotion.