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    Bring on the Bling! Paseo Herencia welcomes signature Carmen Steffens designer shop

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    Bring on the Bling! Paseo Herencia welcomes signature Carmen Steffens designer shop
    jackie ariathne and alva welcome you to the store

    Paseo Herencia management is very proud to welcome Aruba's first Carmen Steffens store as of December 23. This popular, exclusive Brazilian designer brand is known for its flippant and fun styles, which are quality handcrafted of fine materials such as pure silk.

    The creative director at Carmen Steffens is Monalisa Spaniol, the visionary behind the design house initiatives and has lead the entire product design team since 1994. 

    The charming new shop now features their Spring/Summer collection for 2017, one of 11 annual collection issuances by the energetic company. Ideal resort wear, the current collection features fabulous sandals and shoes with complimentary handbags, casual wear, and stunning dresses for both breezy, romantic dinners on the beach or formal events.

    The shop also has a complete inventory of attractive and distinctly tropical jewelry, wallets, handbags, and belts; even bejeweled cell phone cases that will get you noticed and silk throw pillows to enhance your home decor.

    Carmen Steffens owns one of the largest leather tanneries in Brazil. If you love your leather handbags and comfortable, quality shoes, you will find them here. Judging by the extensive and playful collection of footwear, one need not sacrifice style and glitz for comfort!

    The newest shop is making a splash at Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall in Palm Beach, and customer agree it was a great start to the new year. Come meet their very amiable and accommodating staff Monday through Friday from 10am to 10pm and Sundays from 5 to 10pm. Be prepared to be dazzled!

    Carmen Steffens designer shop