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    Caribbean Palm Village's Employee of the Year is Mislady Fingal

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    Caribbean Palm Village's Employee of the Year is Mislady Fingal
    The Caribbean Palm Village Holiday

    Caribbean Palm Village Resort hosted its annual Employees’ Christmas Party at Sweet Pepper Restaurant recently, celebrating a year of accomplishments with good food, drinks and plenty of holiday spirit. Everyone was decked out in the party’s theme colors of black, white and gold, making for a very elegant group.

    The party was also the perfect venue to announce the top employees of the 4th quarter and the Employee of the Year. Cedric Tromp, Maintenance, Hernando Ospino, Housekeeping, Evelyne Boekhoudt, Front Desk, and Marilina Kuiperi were all nominated for their contributions during the 4th quarter of the year, but it was Mislady Fingal from Activities who was honored with the ultimate title of Employee of the 4th Quarter.  

    The Caribbean Palm Village Holiday 

    Also recognized for Going the Extra Mile during the 4th Quarter of 2016; Janet Brinkmann, Erizien Lovius, Jean Philemon, Henrica Tromp, Juanita Dorothal, Miladys Sarmiento, Francia Kelly, Maria V. Jimenez, Janeth Herrera, Jacqueline Loopstok, Ramona Nunez, Patricia Croes, Lucia Wolff, Jael Kock, Magalis Richardson, Gregoria Burgos and Lazandra Noor from the Housekeeping Department; Kenjah Howell, Geraldine Frank, Evelyne Boekhoudt and Deborah Rasmijn from the Front Desk; Ricahrd Webb, Gregory Sanchez, Jean Mericier, Rafael Martinez, Ramona Ras and Reynold Semerel from Maintenance, Michiel Zievinger from Security; Sadia Futa and Marilana Kuiperi from Reservations and Mislady Fingal from Activities.

    The evening turned into a triple celebration for Mislady, as she was also crowned Employee of the Year, beating out her colleagues Hernando Ospino, Kenjah Howell, Cedric Tromp, Evelyne Boekhoudt, Juanita Dorothal and Janet Brinkmann for the special honor.  

    The Caribbean Palm Village Holiday  The Caribbean Palm Village Holiday