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    Carnival Cruise Line Awards De Palm Tours Aruba as Leading Tour Operator

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    Carnival Cruise Line Awards De Palm Tours Aruba as Leading Tour Operator

    For the second year in a row De Palm Tours has received the prestigious award for "The Caribbean's Leading Tour Operator" from Carnival Cruise Line which makes De Palm the leading provider of shore excursions for Carnival Cruise passengers visiting Aruba.

    Every season Carnival Cruise Lines recognizes the company that receives the highest ratings from both their passengers and onboard shore excursion staff for shore excursions conducted the previous season.

    “Carnival ships call year-round to Aruba so you have to be on top of your game constantly and consistently. All credit to our cruise planning and operations staff as well as to our guides and other frontline staff who are responsible for delivering the experiences to our customers. Without them this would have been possible”, says Warren Stanley, General Manager of De Palm Tours.

    A ceremony will be held on board one of the Carnival ships where representatives of de Palm will receive the actual award from Carnival.

    Carnival Cruise Lines’ Vice President Amilcar Cascais and Director Product Development, Erika Tache said,

    “Your company’s position as a leading provider of shore excursions and your reputation for first-class service are attributed to your strong leadership and the sense of direction that you provide. There is no doubt that your company’s recent achievement will be spoken of for some time to come and that the admiration for your accomplishments will be felt by all within the cruise industry.”