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    Celebrating Aruban Culture in New York

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    Celebrating Aruban Culture in New York
    Celebrating Aruban Culture in New York

    Prominent US journalists, travel bloggers and honored guests received a taste of the ‘One Happy Island’ when the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) organized a pop up ‘Cas di Cultura’ in the Carriage House Center for The Arts in New York City last November.

    Guests were welcomed by Aruba’s Minister of Tourism Otmar Oduber, ATA’s C.E.O. Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes and ATA executives, all exuding the friendliness and cordiality that the island is most famous for. The event continued to be highly interactive; after having enjoyed Chef Matt Boland’s culinary masterpieces and the island -inspired cocktails by mixologist AJ Tromp, the journalists painted their own signature Eagle Beach portrait in Elisa Lejuez’s painting lesson. Throughout the evening musician Michelangelo Koolman serenaded the public and an epic Carnival finale by the Cocorico dancers gave the US media an authentic taste of #ArubaCultura in their own backyard.

    The event was certainly well attended as the island has a strong bond with the North American market; around 60% of Aruba’s stay over visitors fly in from the USA and Canada and have made Aruba their second home. During the night, press members had the opportunity to ask island ambassadors questions including ‘best kept secrets’ of Aruba as different elements of Aruban culture, folklore and heritage were showcased.

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