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    CARLA P. GIGLIONE GUILLÉN Artista de Aruba
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    Cosecha Aruba

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    Cosecha Aruba
    The Cosecha store Aruba
    Cosecha is as a design store in which you can immerse yourself in discovering genuine and locally made arts and crafts.

    Cosecha which translates into harvesting, reflects the diversification of the Aruban craft heritage and the artistic supply of artisans, through which their personal stories, inspirations and craftsmanship are exposed in their products. Cosecha is a haven for locally made arts and crafts that provides locals and visitors with a pure representation of the Aruban heritage. Cosecha showcases the beautiful diversity in arts and crafts from all artisans whom have received the SEYO certification while encouraging Aruba’s creative industry through awareness creation and workshop provisions as to ensure a sustainable makers economy.

    Products found in Cosecha have all been certified by the national seal of craftsmanship Seyo Nacional pa Artesania. This seal was established by the government of Aruba through the Department of Culture Aruba, DCA, to recognize locally handmade products so they could be distinguished from imported mass produced products.

    The DCA, started issuing the Seyo for artisans in 2012, represented by an appointed commission of experts who give out the certification based on the UNESCO criteria for artisan craftsmanship which are: craftsmanship, originality, esthetics, material use, local identity and commercial value. The Seyo is considered a tool to boost Aruba's creative industry, prompting local artisans to develop more and better locally handmade products. Within the Cosecha you will find distinguished artisans, who play a crucial role in upholding Aruba’s arts and craftindustry. The current collection showcases the variety hereof.

    The Cosecha design store is open on Monday from 12PM to 6PM, Tuesday through Saturday from 10AM  to 6PM. Sunday closed
    For contact information:
    Phone number: 297-5878709