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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    De Palm Tours Continues to Update Its Bus Fleet

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    De Palm Tours Continues to Update Its Bus Fleet
    New Busses De Palm Tours

    De Palm Tours is proud to announce the arrival of its second batch of seven new luxury motor coaches which arrived at the end of October. All the new motor coaches come with the latest features such as rear and in-cabin cameras, Wi-Fi, LED lights, seatbelts and adjustable backrests. The colorful interior will make each guest feel welcome on the One Happy Island.

    “This is part of our fleet replenishment program which we started in 2015. With these seven a total of fourteen new motor coaches have been added with a further seven more scheduled in 2017. This means by the end of 2017 our fleet size will count a total of thirty motor coaches with an average age of no more than three years per coach. Typically, these vehicles run for fifteen to twenty years so it will be a young, good quality and highly efficient fleet”, said Warren Stanley, GM of De Palm Corporation.  The new busses (Volvo B7R) each have 52 seats, were built in Brazil at two factories; at the Volvo plant where the engine and chassis were built, and at the Marcopolo plant where the coaches were assembled.

    New Busses De Palm Tours  New Busses De Palm Tours

    De Palm Tours uses their busses for airport transportation, island tours and private functions. For more information about chartering call 522-4400.