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    Departments of the Year announced at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

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    Departments of the Year announced at Caribbean Palm Village Resort
    department_of_the_year Caribbean Palm Village

    In an award ceremony just before lunch, hosted at Kiana's Restaurant, Caribbean Palm Village Resort, the Department of the Year for 2017 was announced, with two candidates competing for the top honors. Their scores were practically identical and members of management and board took a decision to reward both with the ultimate title, Department of The Year for 2017.

    The housekeeping, under the leadership of department head Cristina Galindo, and the Front Desk/ Reservations, with Daisy Gomez at the helm solicited weekly performance scored on resort comment cards. Those customer service satisfaction surveys filled out by Members and Guests were tabulated and at the end of the year the President of the Board Ed Hayes determined, based on results and a motivation memo written by the department heads, that both exceeded all expectations.

    Department of the year 2017 La Cabana

    Both departments were honored by Hayes, and Gabri de Hoogd, Vice President of the Coop Board, with Astrid Muller, Interim General Manager in attendance. Hayes thanked the winners for their hard work and dedication especially during the 72 days that the pool underwent a total renovation delivering dust and inconveniences, yet the communal efforts paid off, and the resort pulled through by working together in harmony, accommodating guests and members, without interruption.

    Department of the year 2017 La Cabana

    Daisy and Cristina received the certificates of excellence on behalf of their departments and were awarded a bouquet of flowers. Every staff member received a Customer Service Satisfaction pin, designed to be proudly worn every day.

    Lunch followed with cake, served following the congenial ceremony.

    Department of the year 2017 La Cabana

    The resort says Muller, is prepared to provide exceptional service to guests and members in 2018, with all departments in the running for Department the Year for 2018 award.