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    Radisson Aruba
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    Diamond Stage

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Diamond Stage
    Diamond Stage Aruba

    The Diamond platform is a one-of-a-kind stage build in the yard of Cas Di Cultura facing the Vondellaan street. With the best view of the most prominent parades of the 60th Carnival edition.

    This platform is roughly 2 meters high and can carry up to 200 guests to enjoy the parades of the 60th Carnival edition.

    • Saturday Feb 22, 2014: Aruba Tivoli Lighting Parade
    • Sunday Feb 23, 2014: Grand Children’s Parade
    • Sunday Mar 2, 2014: Aruba’s Famous 60th Grand Carnival Parade

    Prime location, comfortable seating (with clear unobstructed view), bar & snacks, security, gated parking lot and private bathrooms.

    The Stage is build 6’ from the ground with a raked floor to allow for a clear view of the parades.With seating ensures hours of comfortable viewing and shade sails for protection against the sun.

    Packages for all parades:

    Adults US $60

    Children US $20

    Package includes: 10x free drinks, free parking pass, security, seating and private toilet.

    Contact Info:

    Cas di Cultura +297 582-1010

    Diamond Stage - Carnival 60 from Cas Di Cultura on Vimeo.