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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Divi lobby and the all-day dining terrace restaurant receive a total upgrade

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    Divi lobby and the all-day dining terrace restaurant receive a total upgrade
    Divi Aruba Renovations

    Divi All Inclusive Resort recently renovated its lobby and the ocean front all-day-dining terrace. The changes are many, some subtle, some highly visible.

    The lovely terrace was expanded to create more air conditioned seating while still keeping the al fresco portion, offering open air dining at the edge of the ocean.

    The Palm’s Grill, a “grill your own dinner, “area, with a varied menu of meats, chicken and fish dishes, was moved closer to the edge of the water as well.  

    Divi Aruba Renovations  Divi Aruba Renovations

    The new all-day-dining terrace now boasts two large buffets areas, with upgraded offerings, where the restaurant’s chefs also prepare fish and beef specialties, on the grill, to order, for lunch and dinner. Furthermore, a traditional Rotisserie was installed, with fresh roasted chicken, complementing the dining experience; and on different nights, other roasted meats and fish, are also prepared in the Rotisserie.

    A brand new carving station now offers a daily special, with an every changing variety of main courses, a large salad bar, just-rolled sushi, a selection of the finest imported cheeses  and a desert bar with beautiful pastries, cookies, ice-cream and fresh fruit.

    Divi Aruba Renovations  Divi Aruba Renovations

     The new decoration scheme is modern in muted grey, beige, and soft blue tones. A selection of glass fish hangs from the ceiling and in the hallway renowned muralist, Dutch artist Leon Keer, who participated earlier this year in the Aruba Art Fair, created a terrific 3D painting depicting a turtle in a clear aquarium, set on the beach with the horizon on the same line, as the actual, real life horizon.

    Locals and visitors are invited to try the restaurant; you can buy a ticket at the front desk and enjoy the full buffet including a beverage.

    Divi Aruba Renovations

    The fully refurbished Divi Lobby continue to be open and airy, and in its new incarnation it received lovely Spanish-designed furniture. Within the next months Divi will finalize the new pizza bar and the front desk and start the new the renovation of the Porte Cochere. Immediately after, the Tamarijn All Inclusive renovation’s plans are slated for 2017.