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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Eco Destination Management ARUBA, awarded the Stella Award

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    Eco Destination Management ARUBA, awarded the Stella Award
    Eco DMS

    Eco Destinations Management of Aruba was awarded the Stella Award in the Best Suppliers category, for International and U.S. Territories.

    The inaugural Stella awards recognize suppliers that consistently deliver quality service and innovation to meeting and events worldwide.

    The Stella Award, by the NorthStar Travel group is named for the Latin word meaning Star. Recently introduced, it is a new comprehensive program that redefines excellence in the meeting industry. It identifies and celebrates award categories including hotels, convention centers, conference centers, airlines, cruise lines, convention and visitor centers, and destination management companies with honors bestowed in 18 categories, among six regions.

    ECO Destination management was cited for overall excellence and professionalism, technology, and innovation among other critical aspects of the meeting and event experience.

    The winners were carefully selected by a panel of expert judges who review supporting documentation provided by the leading nominees

    ECO Destination Management Services of Aruba has guaranteed its clients a destination experience that exceeds their expectations, providing  guests with innovative and memorable life experiences, topped by consistent and creative DMC services.

    For the past 30-years, the company’s success has been due to its worldwide clientele and its local destination partners!

    ECO DMS delivers unparalleled personalized Destination Services on Aruba and Curacao.