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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    ECO Destination Management Services Donates to “Scol Dununman” of Aruba

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    ECO Destination Management Services Donates to “Scol Dununman” of Aruba

    On June 1st, 2016 the team of ECO Destination Management Services (ECO DMS) of Aruba visited the “Scol Dununman” of Aruba to present the school with a donation for AWG. 2,500.00 as a contribution to the wonderful and hard work that the school does to cater to children with special needs on the island. The ECO DMS team also spent a pleasant moment with the kids attending the school.

    ECO DMS is a full service destination management company whose mission is to provide unparalleled, personalized, destination management services with integrity. ECO DMS Aruba has been contributing to the tourism industry of the island for over 25 years and is the only full service DMC here.

    In December of 2015 ECO DMS Aruba hosted the final night of the Destination Review organized by the Aruba Convention Bureau. ECO DMS decided to dedicate the fees it receives for organizing this event to Scol Dununman, giving back to the community through this donation.

    “Scol Dununman” is a primary school that caters to kids between the ages of 6 to 16 with special learning needs. The kids attending “Scol Dununman” are given personalized attention while being educated, which improves their chances of comprehending and applying the things they learn.

    ECO DMS CEO Wichita Villacres, visited the school and was given the opportunity to learn more on how the school is operated and what methods of teaching are used. ECO DMS Aruba is honored to have been able to contribute to the education of Aruba’s special needs community, and hopes this contribution assists the leaders of this school to continue the good work they are doing.

    Pictured here the kids and their headmaster, with their caring and devoted teachers.