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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    ECO DMS celebrates 30th anniversary in 2017

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    ECO DMS celebrates 30th anniversary in 2017
    ECO DMS celebrates 30th anniversary

    ECO DMS will be celebrating a considerable landmark in 2017, notably thirty years of service to its clients and its community.

    To properly acknowledge its three successful decades, ECO DMS made a decision to set the 30th of each month aside, for a special activity. True to its logo, which features a compass, pointing in all four directions of the world, ECO DMS will create commemorative events focusing on the four pillars which assisted in making the company a success over the last 30 years, namely its clients, its partners, its employees and its community, from January to November.

    The first event on January 30th, involves Kibrahacha 60+, the adult social center of Stichting Fundacion Centro pa nos Grandinan, founded by the Rotary Club of Aruba. ECO DMS will be delivering entertainment, snacks and fun, to brighten up the day of 80 seniors.

    ECO DMS, the Dutch Caribbean’s premier full service Destination Management Company operating in both Aruba and Curacao, with a branch office in Florida. The company combines creativity, personal service and superior professional skills to deliver memorable motivational experiences to clients from around the globe.