Through action and awareness, current initiatives and long-term vision, the public and private sectors are working hand in hand to protect the environment for future generations.

Aruba is determined to reduce dependency on fossil fuel energy and CO2 emissions, and increase production efficiency.  The island took a giant step in the production of alternative energy with the official opening of Vader Piet Wind Park on the eastern end of the island.  This history-making event took place on December 2009, placing Aruba at the fore in the use of environmentally friendly, non-fossil fuel sources. The island has already taken clear steps as well in environmental education and training, urban renovations, community well-being, and exploration of green energy and technologies.

The Aruba government has also launched a $350 million “Bo Aruba” project, upgrading various sites in Oranjestad, the capital, and at other locations across the island.  Among other projects, Bo Aruba will create a refreshed shopping center, a traffic relief program that will remove vehicular traffic from downtown areas and establish pedestrian-friendly walking spaces, and a downtown tram system.
Aruba’s Linear Park will be the longest of its kind in the Caribbean, it catches the attention of arriving visitors on their way to their hotels.  The park will ultimately create an accessible, scenic link between the airport and the resorts along Palm Beach. The Linear Park will include bike paths, pedestrian paths, restrooms, kiosks, parking spaces, and an abundance of beautiful trees.  It is a venue where visitors and locals can relax and enjoy recreational activities. The park will be illuminated with LED lights, significantly reducing electricity consumption.