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    Family Fun at Marriott’s “Come One, Come All” Press Trip

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Family Fun at Marriott’s “Come One, Come All” Press Trip

    The Aruba Marriott recently hosted four press members and their families for a special family focused press trip.

    Publications including: Atlanta Social Season Magazine,, Parents Canada, Today's Parent, and Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine visited Aruba for the first time and experienced Aruba as a family vacation destination.

    The four journalists, their families, Diamond PR rep Lisa and Marriott’s PR manager Keirsin started the trip off with a sunset dinner at Marriott’s beachfront restaurant Simply Fish. On Friday morning the group spent the day at De Palm Island, where the little ones enjoyed the snorkeling and waterpark. At night the boys, Zachary (6) , Oliver (5) and the youngest press member Whistler (3) showed their chef skills at La Vista, where they made their own pizzas. On Saturday, the participants had a fun morning at the Butterfly Farm followed by a beach tennis clinic by Aruba's Beach Tennis pro Bertrand. The afternoon was dedicated for some family time at the resort. In the evening, pancakes and poffertjes were served at the Dutch Pancake House.

    The Aruba Marriott thanks De Palm Tours, Aruba Beach Tennis, the Butterfly Farm and the Dutch Pancake House for their cooperation and hospitality with the “Come one, come all” press trip.