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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Famous Dutch Celebrity Marco Borsato takes photography lessons from Raymond Rutting in Aruba

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Famous Dutch Celebrity Marco Borsato takes photography lessons from Raymond Rutting in Aruba
    Marco Borsato and Raymond Rutte during Aruba Carnival 2017

    Following on from last year’s grand exhibition Faces of Aruba in the Netherlands, in light of 30 years Status Aparte, by revered Dutch photographer Raymond Rutting, ATA teamed up with Rutting and the #1 singer in the Netherlands, Marco Borsato, who is an avid amateur photographer. 

    At the end of last year, Marco took part in the prime time RTL celebrity photography competition Het Perfecte Plaatje. He became 3rd and his love for photography was cemented. Millions of Dutch viewers saw him pull out all the stops to create the best photos possible. As Rutting and Borsato knew each other already and Borsato had already been given some tips and tricks on how to improve his photography, the idea to send them to Aruba together for an exclusive photography masterclass by Raymond Rutting was born.

    Marco & Raymond at RTLXL talkshow.

    After a One Happy send of at Schiphol Airport on February 16, attended by almost all entertainment news press in the Netherlands and broadcast on various entertainment news shows as well as online, the two headed to Aruba where they covered everything from the lighting and children’s carnival parades, early morning fishing expeditions with local fishermen, fashion models on Baby Beach, culinary endeavours with Urvin Croes and much more. Aruban videographer Ken Wolff turned their adventures into a mini documentary and while on-island, the footage was shared with leading prime-time entertainment news programs in the Netherlands, RTL Boulevard & SBS Shownieuws.

    Photographing Aruban Chef Urvin Croes 

    Last night, Raymond Rutting and Marco Borsato were invited by leading Dutch presenter Humberto Tan to talk about their terrific photography trip in Aruba on his popular late night talk show RTL Late Night. More than 600.000 viewers saw them reliving the trip, while snippets from their Aruba video, as well as some of their best photos, were shown as well.

    In June, Faces of Aruba, will be complemented with Marco’s best Aruba photos and exhibited at a high-profile location in Amsterdam. After which, the exhibition will travel through the Netherlands. Together with ATA, the two will also work on producing an exclusive Aruba photo coffee table book to be published in the Netherlands, in Aruba and perhaps also elsewhere.