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    A Festive and Elegant evening

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    A Festive and Elegant evening
    The pandora Aruba charm

     ‘Launching the Pandora Aruba Charm’. Whether you are a local or want to take a little piece of paradise back home, Pandora and Aruba lovers will be thrilled by the new and unique Pandora Aruba charm that represents the One Happy Island Aruba with her official logo.

    The launch of the Pandora Aruba Charm at Paseo Herencia October 21st certainly was a festive event, with guests not only being mesmerized by this unique piece of jewelry but also entertained by the TBS brassband and Carnival dancers.

    Owner of Boolchands, Ravee Boolchand, informed the attendees that 1.5 years ago they started working together with Pandora International and Aruba Tourism Authority to offer a collector’s piece that is especially made for Aruba.  “We are very happy and proud of this fantastic collaboration that we have received from Ravee and the team of Pandora” commented  Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority.

    Pandora is available at Boolchands in Havenstraat, D’Orlahn Jewelry on the L.G. Smith Blvd,  or at the Pandora Store in Paseo Herencia.  Boolchands and D’Orlahn are open from 9am – 6pm and Pandora Store in Paseo Herencia is open from 10am – 10pm.

    For more information please visit  Pandora Aruba  and