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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Fofoti Tours & Transfers Adds New Vehicles, New Facility

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    Fofoti Tours & Transfers Adds New Vehicles, New Facility
    Fofoti Tours and Transfers
    Tour and Transfer Company expands vehicle fleet to meet rising demand

    Since being founded in 2010 as a family-owned and operated tour and transfer company in Aruba, Fofoti Tours & Transfers has witnessed steady growth in the demand for its reliable high-quality services. To meet this rising demand, Fofoti is pleased to announce the completion of its new building facility and the addition of 13 vehicles to its fleet. 

    “Fofoti has established a very solid reputation for the services we offer to our clients. We are thrilled to be able to add several new buses and UTVs to our fleet that is particularly suited to serving small, medium and large-sized groups,” said Sharlise Croes, Managing Director of Fofoti Tours & Transfers.

    A New Facility

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers

    A New Coach with the new building in the background

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers

    Fofoti opened its new facility with a priestly baptism and blessing

    Many people are familiar with the Fofoti office located at Italiestraat 50 in Orange Plaza because it serves as the starting point for the company’s popular UTV tours. The new building serves as a company-wide headquarters for staff meetings, business offices, and a large motor coach garage area. The new building is located in the Mahuma neighborhood of Oranjestad, which is a convenient location due to its proximity to Queen Beatrix International Airport for transferring visiting tourists in comfort from the airport to their hotel or resort. This new facility also has a very large garage area for storing and maintaining the company’s fleet of motor coaches. It also served as the company’s venue for its New Year’s Eve celebration of another successful year of accomplishments.

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers

    The garage area is large enough to store and maintain all coaches and buses

    New Vehicles: Expanded UTV Fleet

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers

    Fofoti has added 10 new utility task vehicles to bring its UTV fleet up to a total of 30. The new additions are the CFMoto ZForce 800EX model. The ZForce 800EX has a wide stance, allowing enough room for a passenger seat next to the driver, but also greater stability. Equipped with Electronic Power Steering, it has all the agility needed to navigate the island’s rocky trails that lead to such fascinating sights as the Natural Pool, the Bsuhiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Alto Vista Chapel, Black Stone Beach, Natural Bridges, and the iconic California Lighthouse.

    New Vehicles: Motor Coaches and Mini Coaches

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers

    Fofoti has also expanded its motor coach fleet with three new vehicles, including a full-sized 51-seat motor coach and two 29-seat buses. All three new vehicles were built in 2017 by the Yutong motor coach company. The full-sized air-conditioned coaches feature expansive windshields and windows so passengers don’t miss any exciting views as they travel around the island. With plenty of room to stow luggage, these coaches offer passengers true comfort through high-backed leather seats with adjustable headrests and a surprising amount of leg room. In addition to reclining, these seats also feature sideways adjustability to give extra space between passengers. Additional passenger conveniences include modern flat screens and free WiFi connectivity. With this recent addition of new vehicles, Fofoti’s motor coach fleet now consists of six full-sized coaches, two mini coaches, and two colorful open-air buses.