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    Fofoti Tours and Transfers offers free WIFI on buses

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers offers free WIFI on buses

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers has launched a new WiFi system as of September 21st, 2015. 

    The entire fleet will feature free wireless internet service to provide passengers the ability to stay connected on the move. Guests on Fofoti Tours and Transfers can check email, connect and share with family and friends, get work done or simply catch up on the news.

    Sharlise Croes "I can say we are very pleased to be able to give our and your clients an even better experience while on our buses. The WiFi rollout means passengers can stay connected and enjoy their tour or transfer even more".

    Fofoti Tours and Transfers is celebrating its 5th anniversary in November and the company is preparing a bag full of added value products and services to thank everyone for their continued support. 


    To connect to Fofoti's WiFi network, passengers should search for the "FOFOTI" wireless network (under “Settings” in most devices). The driver will provide the password and passengers will need to accept the Terms and Conditions of Use

    Helpful Tips:

    • If unable to see the “FOFOTI" network, make sure the device is WiFi-enabled. Sometimes, powering a device off and on will help too. 
    • Please be courteous and limit use of streaming audio and video.
    • Avoid downloading large files. 
    • Use earbuds and be considerate of fellow passengers.

    Connection Info:

    • The WiFi service is based on cellular technology and signal strength fluctuates throughout our service area. Service may drop in the same areas where you lose cell phone service. 
    • Bandwidth is limited and shared among all passengers. 

    Customers with questions or comments can connect with us via Facebook or email