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    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Cultural dance dera gai at bon bini festival

    Fall on the One happy island of Aruba marks the start of “Arubapalooza,” the seasonal extravaganza encompassing countless cultural, culinary, music and fashion-oriented events and festivals. Known for perfect weather and powdery white beaches, Aruba is celebrated as one of the most revisited destinations in the Caribbean.

    Bon Bini Festival

    The cultural festivities fire up each Tuesday with the weekly Bonbini Festival, taking place in downtown Oranjestad in the outdoor courtyard of Fort Zoutman, Aruba’s oldest building. Meaning “welcome” in Aruba’s official language of Papiamento, “Bonbini” encourages visitors to sample the flavors, history, people, music and dance of the island during this spirited event.

    Carubbian Festival

    Each Thursday from 6-10 p.m. in the town of San Nicolas, the multicultural charms of Aruba’s “Sunrise City” are on display at the lively Carubbian Festival. Visitors stroll through the streets while vendors sell crafts, souvenirs and delicious Aruban and Caribbean street food. The main event is a dazzling Carnival parade up and down the main street of San Nicolas.

    Music & Dance Events

    Arubapalooza is in full swing this fall and winter with countless events like the 2nd Annual Electric Festival, featuring 23 of the world’s biggest DJs in music from techno to electro from Sept. 3—7, while more traditional music fans will enjoy the 8th Annual Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival from Oct. 3—4.

    Culinary Culture

    Home to more than 90 nationalities on island, Aruba is a cultural melting pot, offering Amerindian, Latin and European influences in every aspect of life – especially in the flavor-rich cuisine served at more than 200 restaurants. Those who wish to explore these multicultural flavors can do so with events like the 3rd annual Battle of the Food Trucks —a showdown of tasty proportions—taking place Oct. 24-25. This family-friendly event combines Aruba’s food truck culture and live musical performances from local bands and DJs to produce an epic bash with an island twist.

    Active visitors:

    Active visitors can get into the swing of things with Beach Tennis Aruba’s 2014 Championship tournament, taking place Nov. 17—23. Aruba’s favorite sport is enjoyable for amateurs and professionals alike, and combines elements taken from beach volleyball, tennis, badminton and table tennis to create the unique and fast-paced national pastime.

    For more information on Arubapalooza and events this fall and winter, visit Engage with Aruba via social media at or @Aruba.