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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Glenda Brokke, celebrates 23 years at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

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    Glenda Brokke, celebrates 23 years at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino
    La Cabana Aruba

    A very popular associate, and one with a most familiar phone voice, Glenda Brokke, at the helm of the PBX department, will be celebrating her 23rd anniversary at the resort in September.

    She joined the team at La Cabana in 1993 as a Floor Supervisor in the Housekeeping Department, and her eagerness to learn and grow professionally took her to the PBX department, and later to the Activities Department and Health Club. She embraced all learning opportunities and after a few years went back to where she felt best, the PBX department, where she does a fantastic job together with her team of diligent telephone operators.


    At the resort Glenda is always the first to volunteer for special assignments, and she is always grateful and cheerful, about work. Her peers agree that Glenda is the voice of the PBX, an ever-helpful and compassionate friend, on the other end of the line, when guests or associates dial 0.

    When asked, Glenda shares that she enjoys her work at the Aruba-brand resort, and while it is not affiliated to any international chain, it still offers opportunities for personal growth and development.

    Glenda was voted Supervisor of the Year in 2015, and she is an inspiration at the resort. She says her source of strength comes from her own mom, who raised 11 kids successfully, being a fantastic mother, grandmother, sister and aunt, besides excelling at cooking. Unfortunately, she died too you, and Glenda always urges her peers to take care of their health.

     “My message,” she says, “to all my fellow associates is the following: Be the one to share a smile, to show you care, to spread the joy, to go the extra mile. Be the one the customer turns to, the one who supports the team and the one to strive for success, because together we make the difference.”

    Besides being an exceptional team member Glenda enjoys gardening, hand crafts, and DIY project, do it yourself initiatives. She also loves to read novels, and watch movies.