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    CARLA P. GIGLIONE GUILLÉN Artista de Aruba
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    Hadicurari Beach Aruba Top Sexiest Beaches

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    Hadicurari Beach Aruba Top Sexiest Beaches
    Hadicurari Beach Aruba

    Hadicurari Beach, Aruba is on the list of the Caribbean Journal's Top Sexiest Beaches.

    Good news: in the Caribbean Journal of August 17th, 2015 Hadicurari is listed as one of the Sexiest Beaches in the Caribbean. Also known as Fisherman's Huts, this isn't Aruba's most famous beach, but it is the original hangout beach on the island just past the Aruba Marriott. It was sexy before there were big hotels and it remains so today. Aruba's beaches are seductive for their remarkably calm quality, and this is one of the top spots.

    The Caribbean Journal edition highlights the Best Caribbean Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts, Best Caribbean Resorts 2015, the Best Hotels in the Turks and Caicos, Best Restaurants in San Juan and it has a feature edition on Undersea Caribbean Volcano Raised to Second Highest Alert. Aruba can be very proud of he Caribbean's Sexiest Beaches article, with Hadicurari as its shining, sexy star.

    The paper, founded in 2011, examines the issues facing the Caribbean from a regional perspective. The article on sexy beaches can be found on CJ Caribbean Journal