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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Hadicurari restaurant celebrates 10 year anniversary of loyal employee Marcia

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    Hadicurari restaurant celebrates 10 year anniversary of loyal employee Marcia
    Marcia Celebrates 10 year anniversary at Hadicurari

    Hip, hip, hurray for Marcia Tavarez, who has lit up Hadicurari Restaurant with her mega-watt smile for the past 10 years. High time for an in-depth interview with this lovely lady, who is originally from the Dominican Republic.

    A mother of of four, 44-year old Marcia is very proud of her children, three of whom are living with her on Aruba. Guests at Hadicurari love her as well. Back to her beginnings:

    ``I had to leave my 9-month old daughter behind in the Dominican Republic,'' Marcia says sadly. ``I was just 17 years old and had to provide for my baby, so I came to Aruba for a housekeeping job that paid well. I was able to send money home from my salary so I knew my daughter would be okay.''

    After a series of jobs, among others at Driftwood and a sandwich bar at the `barkjes', Marcia came to Aruba Wine And Dine's Hadicurari; she started as a runner, preparing tables, bringing water and beverages and cleaning up during her 8-hour shifts. After three years she moved up and became a waitress, a job she loves.

    ``Me gusta mi trabajo,'' she laughs. She is a popular waitress with guests and colleagues alike, switching effortlessly from Spanish to English, with a few Dutch words thrown in as well. ``I have trained quite a few waiters and waitresses in my time too,'' she says. Back to Marcia's children, who are the apples of her eye. ``My oldest is now already26 with kids of her own,'' she says. ``She is living in Sto. Domingo, but the others are here; the oldest (23) is studying at EPI, while the two other kids (14 and 12) are doing great as well, studying at Colegio Arubano (the youngest going there next year). I am so happy that everything has turned out so well.''

    Marcia misses her family, who have spread out: a brother lives in New York, a sister in Holland. As Marcia has a Dutch passport, she will be able to visit her soon. We wish Marcia Tavarez lots of good luck in the future and masha pabien with your anniversary! Gefeliciteerd!