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    Radisson Aruba
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    II Dance Cultural Exchange Program culminates with a sold-out “Rio Dance Festival in Aruba” show.

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    II Dance Cultural Exchange Program culminates with a sold-out “Rio Dance Festival in Aruba” show.
    Ballet dance at cas di cultura Aruba

    The 2 years program celebrated its conclusion of the II Dance Cultural Exchange between Aruba and Brazil last Friday October 3rd, where Teachers and Dance students from Club di Movimiento Aruba and Alfa Cem Bilingue College Brazil had the opportunity to teach from each other.

    The Brazilian students were very thankful for the warm welcome they have received from the International School of Aruba faculty and students during their visit last Wednesday, October 1st.

    The Alfa Cem students had the opportunity to Connect, Dance, Practice English & Portuguese but the most important: they Had Fun with some of the International School of Aruba students.

    The idea behind the program is to continue with the Aruba-Brazil Dance Cultural Exchange Program for many years ahead to help improve and elevate the Dance teaching standards, deepen into the cultural integration and make a greater contribution to the cultural diversity and harmony between Dance students.

    The public had the opportunity to view some footage of the 1st phase “Aruba Dance Festival in Rio” during the Show last Friday afterwards, the students performed phase 2 of the program: “Rio Dance Festival in Aruba”.

    The night celebrated the career of 6 generations of professional Dancers, Dance Students, Assistants and Teachers.

    The person with the vision and the main force behind this amazing project is Mrs. Marcia Moreira Marques Belart. Mrs. Marques Belart is the first Dance Teacher, Mentor and definitely the person responsible for making Dance and Movement the biggest passion for Mrs. Samanta Westera Juppa.

    Mrs. Marques Belart knew that her job as a dance educator held great responsibility and she knew she would have made big impacts in the life of her students. Ms. Daniele Souza was also present; she is a former baby class student from Mrs. Westera Juppa during her Dance Teacher Training years in Clube do Movimiento in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Club di Movimiento Aruba, Students and Faculty congratulates all the participating students in the Aruba-Brazil Dance Cultural Exchange Program. The sold-out “Rio Dance Festival in Aruba” show culminated with a huge Drum & Bass Band Surprise Act who led the audience out with a “Rio Carnival Parade”.