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    Abierto de tenis en Divi Beach 2013
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    InselAir starts 2 weekly flights to Manaus (Brazil)

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    InselAir starts 2 weekly flights to Manaus (Brazil)
    Insel air aruba brazil
    Non-stop service from Aruba to the largest Brazilian city in the Amazonian rain forest, as of January 14, 2015

    InselAir will start operating 2 weekly flights from Aruba to Manaus, in northern Brazil, as of January 14, 2015. Manaus is InselAir’s 20th destination and tickets can be purchased at any InselAir ticket office and via local and online travel agents. Passengers from other destinations can conveniently travel via InselAir’s hubs on Aruba or Curacao to Manaus with a minimum transfer time.

    Manaus, world-known for its eco-tourism, traditional medicines and urban city life

    Manaus, a vibrant city situated in the middle of the Amazon, located in the northern part of Brazil, is a unique place and can only be reached by boat or plane. Because of its isolated character, much of its beautiful nature and original culture has been preserved and therefore Manaus is well known for eco-tourism. Manaus provides adventurous travelers the perfect gateway to the overwhelming flora and fauna of the Amazon. Furthermore, people from all over the world visit Manaus because its traditional medicines, derived from plants, can be found here on one of the many markets. But, Manaus also offers to the urban traveler a dynamic city life with fine dining, various parks and a vibrant night life. Manaus was also home to the FIFA World Cup 2014 and because of that the city has built a complete new airport, has improved its infrastructure and mobile internet (4G) has been implemented to improve communications.

    Manaus, gateway to the rest of Brazil and Latin America
    InselAir offers travelers, via Manaus, twice per week, a gateway to the larger cities in Brazil, such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the capital Brasilia. By opening this route, InselAir is creating significant leisure and business opportunities for both the Caribbean and Brazil.

    Introduction fares
    InselAir takes you to Manaus in less than 3 hours and offers introduction fares to its newest destination; from Curacao, ANG 505 (round trip, excl. Curacao airport tax), from Bonaire, USD 325 (round trip, incl. taxes) and from Aruba, AWG 555 (round trip, incl. taxes). Flights will be operated by a ‘Fokker 70’ and according to the following flight schedule (all times are local).