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    Island youth receive the "Gift of Education" from Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall Aruba

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    Island youth receive the "Gift of Education" from Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall Aruba
    Aruba youth receives scholarship from Paseo Herencia Shopping mall

    Owners and management of the Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall in Palm Beach are very serious about corporate responsibility and supporting their community. Throughout the year they sponsor a diversity of projects that provide incentives for island youth to strive to be their best, as well as social relief for troubled families. 

    Last year, the mall initiated the "Gift of Education" Scholarship Program. Paseo Herencia Marketing Manager Candy Rasmijn-Reino explained to island press on Wednesday afternoon, August 17 that their belief in family, sport and education "as the pillars of a prosperous community and healthy society." On that day, Paseo Herencia demonstrated their commitment for the second time, by awarding six island youth with full scholarships for the coming school year.

    The recipients were first treated to delectable pizza from Pizzo's Italian eatery prior to the announcement. Mall General Manager Valerie Pietersz-Camacho welcomed them personally, while encouraging other businesses on the island to follow their example. This year's recipients are:

    •             Jeferson and Derbyson Maduro, who attend Cacique Macuarima Elementary School.
    •             Franghela Nayelly Croes,  who attends Filomena College Middle School
    •             Marc and Paul Rafini, who attend Maria College  Middle School
    •             Yaranny Rosalio Brito, earning an accounting degree from the University of Aruba.

    The students were selected not only out of financial need, but also excellence in their performance at school and a tangible demonstration of their desire to learn and succeed.

    Paseo Herencia management was also very pleased to welcome Greg Larmonie, manager of the Athlete's Foot located within the mall. Mr. Larmonie explained that Athlete's Foot is "100% in support of the program, and was proud to support it by donating top quality footwear for the students." All recipients were very excited about visiting the shoe store and picking out the sneakers of their dreams, with famous brands and models from which to select. The mall provided them with not only tangible benefits for their determination to do well at school, but an exceptionally fun afternoon.

    Students were flushed with excitement over their great gift from Athlete's Foot and their parents were very grateful, knowing their children's important needs for the upcoming school year were taken care of, courtesy of Paseo Herencia Shopping Mall and Athlete's Foot.