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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    Kukoo Kunuku is Celebrating 20 years of Fun and Friends!

    Take 2 Minutes in Aruba

    Kukoo Kunuku is Celebrating 20 years of Fun and Friends!
    Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

    Kukoo Kunuku turns 20 years old this month and like fine wine they only hope we continue to get better.

    The first two Kukoo buses hit the road in 1996. They have driven thousands of miles and have hosted thousands of parties and although they are still ready for a good time the original buses are begging to retire gracefully. So out with the old and in with three new vintage buses each with their own special Kukoo personality. All have been duly kukoonized with a lot of TLC, making them welcoming, comfortable, unique and outrageously fun. They have been hand painted inside and out by the resident artists, refitted with new upholstery, specially designed lights, music systems,maracas and good vibes.

    And then there is Pork Chops, the newest and some will argue, now the most famous member of the Kukoo Family, is none other than the pig that steals the show each evening as he travels in style on the back of the newest Kukoo Kunuku bus.

    Kukoo Kunuku Pig Pork Chops

    So cheers to being 20 years old, the addition of three new Kukoo Kunuku buses and a curious pig to bring laughter and fun to our island visitors and locals alike.  Put down your phone and disconnect for an evening of good fun and great memories on Aruba's not so wild side.

    "It’s the perfect way for the old and the reckless and the young and the restless to spend an evening in Paradise".