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    Kukoo Kunuku has had a lot to celebrate during the month of November

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    Kukoo Kunuku has had a lot to celebrate during the month of November
    Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

    November has been another Kukoo month for our famous red party buses! A month filled with Dinner and Nightlife Tours for the adventurous, Pub crawls for the party animals and plenty of group tours for those wanting to celebrate their specific occasion the Kukoo way!

    They started off the month with an island tour for the Taco Bell corporate group. They then hosted a welcome party for Sam and Alisha together with a big group of their friends and family, as they plan on tying the knot on our beautiful island. Last but not least they had a crazy time with their newly married couple Joe and Lisa, and their entourage or guests to celebrate new chapters.

    Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus

    In bright daylight the Taco Bell corporate group got onto the bus in matching blue shirts, a smile of their faces and ready for a Kukoo adventure. With maracas in hand they hit the road. The first stop of the island tour was the California Lighthouse where everyone got to view the beautiful scenery. With a beautiful sight to start the tour, the party bus made its way to the Casibari Rock Formation where they got to enjoy a cold drink while exploring the rocky backdrop. Following that, the bus went to the Natural Bridge where everyone got to enjoy a breath of fresh air, later on they went way up to Balashi to visit the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. They ended the day in great spirits with a quick visit to the Alto Vista Chapel, and then rumba to Moomba Beach where they ended the tour off with food, drinks, and some really Kukoo dancing.

    For Sam and Alisha the night started out in Divi Hotel where the couple was staying. With a honk of the horn they got everyone loaded up before the celebratory champagne toast. With the music buzzing and the maracas in hand, the excitement was building up as the sun was setting. With a stop at three different local bars where the whole group was in search of the best drink and the best spots for pre-wedding selfies.

    Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus Sam Alisha

    With another banging night, the party bus made its way around with the just-married couple.  This crowd was in for a true celebration, Kukoo style of course. Another champagne toast to life and life’s biggest moments to really start off the celebrations. With the happy wedding vibes, the bus made its round to four different bars with drinks flowing in left and right, and dancing all around.

    So that was Kukoo Kununu’s November, how was yours? Kukoo looks forward to see what December brings… Kukoo Kunuku has certainly come to realize that the Party Bus is the perfect place for the young and the restless and the wild and reckless to come together for ride of their lifetime, and they would like it no other way!