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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino expresses its appreciation during Housekeeping Week

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    La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino expresses its appreciation during Housekeeping Week
    adopt a housekeeper La Cabana

    On the occasion of the International Housekeeping Week, the cafeteria and the associates’ entrance at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino were beautifully decorated, by members of the department.

    The week opened with a short spiritual service and a plentiful breakfast prepared by the chef and his kitchen brigade, and served by the executives and management team.

    On Tuesday, the department hosted an outing on the beach, with BBQ music and dancing. Then Wednesday featured Olympic Games in the conference room, and while the games were played a chair massage was made available, with a professional therapist, to pamper the housekeepers further.  

    adopt a housekeeper La Cabana   Housekeeping week breakfast La Cabana

    On Thursday, "Adopt a Housekeeper," paired members of management together with the diligent housekeepers. Going from room to room, the managers did their best to keep up with the housekeepers as they cleaned rooms and hallways, and also helped out in the laundry.

    On Friday, housekeeping enjoyed karaoke in the conference room and the housekeeper with most guest mentions, Nicolasa Ventura, received a weekend stay gift certificate!

    The week generated a lot of fun and goodwill and acknowledged the many important contributions made by members of the housekeeping department.

    Housekeeping week breakfast La Cabana   Housekeeping week breakfast La Cabana