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    La isla de Aruba, playas increíbles en el caribe, festivales y planes
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    La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino hosts an appreciation lunch In honor of its 2nd quarter winners

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    La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino hosts an appreciation lunch In honor of its 2nd quarter winners
    LCBR Employee

    Associates at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino enjoyed lunch in community while recognizing their peers who performed outstandingly during the second quarter of 2016.

    The event singled out three top-achievers, Minerva Hayes, of the Housekeeing Department for April,  Vicente Guerrero, of the Food & Beverage Department for May and Abelardo Restrepo, also of the Housekeeping Department, for June.

    Management also applauded Thomas Nalumen, Recreations and Lilliana Fingal, Food & Beverage, for their exceptional efforts during the month of April, Johan de Cuba, Engineering, and Altagracia (Nelly) Brito, Recreations, for May, and Francisca Ferreira, Kitchen, for June.

    The appreciation lunch also acknowledged the achievements of resort supervisors Damian Tromp, Recreations, and Manuel Castro, Kitchen, and bestowed top honors on Martha Acevedo, Housekeeping, who was named Supervisor of the Second Quarter of 2016.

    As is the custom at appreciation lunches, nominees for the team of the Second Quarter 2016 were announced with the Engineering Team and Kitchen Team vying for the ultimate recognition which went to the Kitchen Team.

    The resort also praised long term employees for their dedication and commitment celebrating the 5th anniversary of Dennis Cherry, Housekeeping, Martha Nuboer and Manuel Castro, both from the Kitchen; the 10th anniversary, of General Manager Joe Najjar, and the 15th anniversary of Ena Vrolijk, both at the Executive Offices; the 20th anniversary, of Yseline Lynch, at the Front Office and the 25th anniversary of Yvonne Duncan, Housekeeping, and Mauro Yanes, Accounting.

    Pictured here snapshot from a memorable lunch and award ceremony.